Weight plates

What kind of weights and weight plates are suitable for your use?
Although suddenly it may seem that it doesn't matter what kind of weight plates we train .. all twenties weighs the same 20 kilos ?
Yes, it is quite true, but the differences come from which disc is best suited for which sport and training, and which barbell plates last the best and longest in any use. The HC PRO plate weights all have a 51.5mm center hole and fit the Trap Bar, Power Lift Bar, Weight Lift Bar, Bend Bar, Cross Fit Bar for the openings. adjustable dumbbells and therefore just about any decent rod. You should have no reason to get yourself plate rod plates in any other middle holes.
Weights in a 30mm or 50mm (official size really 51.5mm) hole?
Note! You shouldn't even have a question like that in mind ... all barbells except those with a 51.5 mm aperture are designed for beginners at most and also for home use. The problem later becomes that such 30mm (31.5mm aperture) discs do not even fit into the world's most common 220cm long straight barbells . In addition, it could be mentioned that non-standard plates or plate rods have no resale value, so the savings sought will ultimately prove to be a complete loss.
Cheap weight plates 
It is best to buy either a set of plate weights or a set of plate rods and plate weights with the same amount of each plate weight. Vinyl record weights are mostly TV shop stuff, which is not really suitable for a proper workout except in an emergency.
Metal and cast iron plate weights that last from father to son
If you want to get the right atmosphere for a home or commercial gym, then you should choose all-in-one metal and cast iron weights that can practically never break down.
In addition, training with metal plates produces a nice muffled squeaking sound, which brings the authentic and real mood of doing things to the gym better than average.
50mm barbell weight plates 
Olympia weights, Black weights with handle, Color weights with handle, 51.5mm disc bars.
Height in 20 kg and 25 kilos metal and cast iron weight plates is 450 mm.
Name plates with many different names, but in the HC PRO series they all have the same purpose and 51.5mm center holes suitable for rods with 50mm sleeves. Barbell plates with grip handles are suitable for bodybuilding and powerlifting. They are easy and comfortable to handle thanks to the grip handles.
The 20kg and 25kg weight plates without the grip handle are already very difficult to get off the floor even for men when they have fallen on their lap. 
In addition, it is safer to load and remove plates with grip handles, for example after a squat, when there is no fear that the plate will get wet. 
These same plates are suitable for all HC PRO series bend bars, special bars, powerlifting and weightlifting bars.
Bumber plates & weights
HC PRO bumber plates can withstand both weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting and repeated fit drops and throws on the ground & floor of cross fit workouts and competitions. 
The weight plates height is 450 mm in all bumber plates from 5 kg to 25 kg.
Bumber weight plates also have a normal 51,5 mm hole in the middle for the bar sleeves, so they can be used freely in all gym equipment and disc bars.
Bumber plates have a wide and strong metallic center and the material of the plates is more elastic than ordinary plates with grip handles. In addition, due to this, the plates are also thicker than ordinary plate rod plates. The advantage of HC PRO bumber discs is also that they are suitable for cross training and other barbells, so they have the same height as standard 20kg, 25kg and 50kg disc bars, so they can also be used mixed with ordinary discs in off-road and other traction movements.

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