Gym mats, rubber mats and artificial grass

Rubber mats made from HC Pro's recycled materials are the foundation of every home and commercial gym. Start building your home hall and commercial hall by covering the floors

with appropriate rubber mats.
15 mm thick rubber mats are ideal for public spaces in gym and either 30 mm or 50 mm thick rubber mats for the dumbbell area. 50 mm rubber mats are also used in deadlift platforms and
they can be used in your own home room as is without frames.
Please note that the HC Pro rubber mats remain in place and therefore do not require any adhesives or moldings for installation. If you ever move to another location, you may take your own rubber mats
conveniently joining the new location and you also don’t have to compensate the landlord for any scratches on the floors etc because the floors have been protected from the start.
When purchasing a CrossFit lawn or artificial turf, keep in mind that the artificial turf in hardware stores will not last more than a week or two in use, but will start to decompose right from the first day.
from. The HC Pro CrossFit artificial turf is made for hard CrossFit gym professional use and is the most durable material on the market for this use.

You will find HC Pro gymnastic mats, tatami mats, taekwondo mats and warm-up mats in our selection and they are in stock.

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