Customer can choose the shipping method

HC Pro offers delivery of the following options in Estonia :

– Post terminals all over - DPD, Itella SmartPOST, Omniva (free shipping for orders of 60€)

Receiving the package

As soon as the parcel reaches its destination in the parcel terminal, the mobile phone specified in the order receives an SMS notification with all the necessary information to receive the parcel.

Then you need to go to the specified mail terminal and enter the SMS code. After that, the cell will open with your order, and you only need to get the parcel out of the cell!

The parcel must be removed from the post terminal within 7 days, otherwise the parcel will be sent back to the sender.

Finding post terminals

Itella smartpost - click here

Omniva - click here

DPD Pickup - click here

Prices and delivery times

DPD 3.90 € - 1-3 days

Itella SmartPOST 3.90 € - 1-3 days

Omniva 3.90 € - 1-3 days

Delivery to European Union and other countries : 

Add your delivery address when you will create your account and you will get automatically goods delivered to your door.

If you have bigger order or delivery address is not the same than invoice address , then inform us : [email protected]