What is an authorized HC Pro distributor?

A distributor, who is authorized to sell large quantities of products to commercial customers on the Internet, or in retail outlets in his/her own country.
This contrasts with a private seller, who sells only a few goods to his customers.
To become an authorized distributor in your country (possibility to get also exlusivity in some cases), you need to meet certain requirements. 
You need to know gym business or to be in it already.
In all cases write us b2b@hcpro.ee and ask more details how to start new business in your area or in your country.

How do I start HC Pro gym equipment sales in my country? 

After we have signed an agreement, you can freely choose products and sending order(s) to us.
We'll confirm the order and before invoicing, you'll have to know the freight cost to your warehouse/company.
We deliver all HC Pro equipment and other products to all European countries already and we've delivered to USA also.

Is it possible to organize drop shipping to big items/orders?

Yes, we deliver full gym solutions with lorries to your client.
No size restrictions.

Is it possible to represent HC Pro brand outside of the European Union?

We don't have any problems with that. We can deliver everywhere, we have knowledge, considering customs clearing and certificates countries like Russia and Ukraine.

What kind of terms of payments we'll get for bigger orders for our own stock or the deliveries to our own bigger clients/orders?

Usually, the customer pays 30% in advance, then the order goes to the production and/or processing to the warehouse.
Rest 70% should be paid before the delivery.
Shortly said: payment needs to be done before shipping.

Here's other information on how to make TAX Free order(s) without any contracts straight to your own door:
Here you'll find how to register your own company on our site and how to buy with 0% tax:

Earn money by working with our company!
We invite shops, sports clubs, athletes, and people with their own websites to cooperate with us.
Our clients gain constant access to current wholesale prices, inventory, and information about our products.

If you're interested in a wholesale offer dedicated to sports stores, nutrition stores and gyms, we'll invite you to cooperate with us as a wholesaler.

Find out more about our discount system by writing to [email protected]
Feel free to advertise yourself and tell your story in the email, what do you do, what do you need and what is your goal.
It'll help us to make an exclusive solution for you.

Registering a VAT owning company - GUIDE

1. Register your account - HERE
If you wish to get extra offers, please put a check mark on the Sign up for the Newsletter

1.1 If you already have an account - just proceed with the further instruction.

2. Login to your account and click on my account


3. In MY ACCOUNT click on the Address Book.
Fill in all the blanks with your companys information and make sure that your VAT number is correct.

guide 2

Our system makes a VAT check automatically.
After you save the information, your account will change to a bussines client in our system.
Then you are ready to go - the prices will be displayd without tax and no tax will be added in the shopping cart.
The transport price will be added automatically to the shopping cart - depends on you orders weight.

NB! If your company has an Estonian VAT, you'll see the prices without tax, but the tax will be added in the final payment still.