Spare parts

  • Treadmills,
  • Wires for hoisting equipment,
  • Steel cables for gym equipment,
  • Replacement leathers for benches and gym equipment,
  • Silicone to treadmill,
  • Weight adjustment pins for weight stack gym equipment and other gym equipment,
  • Cable guides and pulleys for gym equipment,
  • Height adjustment pins for gym equipment,
  • Seat and backrest height adjustment, carabiners for gym equipment,
  • Rubber covers for gym equipment,
  • Battle Rope hooks for various racks and wall,
  • Circuit board for treadmill,
  • New motor for treadmill,
  • Emergency stop magnets for treadmills,
  • Nylon belts for gym equipment with weight stacks,
  • Rubber coated steel belt belts,
  • Extra weight racks for weight-bearing gym equipment,
  • Cross-legged cables and guides,
  • Treadmill motor drive belt and all other spare parts for gym equipment.

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