Resistance and rubber bands

HC PRO Resistance bands are made of a natural latex material with strong abrasion resistance and extreme tensile strength.

You can practice without worries or wear.
Excellent for stretching and elasticity:
HC PRO resistance rubber bands are suitable for anyone who needs their sore muscles after and before training.
Resistance bands can be used for many exercises, such as strength training, auxiliary traction, basketball tension training, warm-ups, etc.
Ideal for home training and as a training tool when traveling.
You can upgrade your home gym or commercial gym cheaply.
How to use rubber bands and resistance bands for training?
1. Attach the traction rubber from top to bottom, for example in a squat cage, and place the other end of the training rubber around the end of the barbell so that the rubber band does not loosen as you move the bar up and down.
How do resistance bands and training rubber bands work?
- Training rubber bands and resistance rubber relieve the load when moving down continuously and helps to overcome your old results in bench press and squatting, for example. When the body gets used to the new
  load it will soon be ready to do it even without the help of rubber.
The traction tires must be adjusted so that the load is either free or slightly relieved with the bar in the up position.
  Otherwise, it's already more like an ego-trip = Rubbers help the whole trajectory from start to finish and you don't know how much you did on your own.
2. Another way to use traction rubber is to attach it from the bottom up relative to the barbell. In this case, the load increases progressively by the resistance of the traction rubbers from the starting position to the final position of movement.
The idea is to put extra strain on the muscles where the muscle is at its strongest, i.e. to the end positions of the movements where the joints are either almost straight or at their maximum.
In which exercises should you use training rubber bands and traction rubbers?

Bench Press, Squat and Deadlifts.

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